I have been travelling and surfing since last February. I haven't shared much detail about my experience with you via kauskaki because it is a personal journey, I want to keep it intimate and not broadcast every aspect of it. That said, I am entirely open to sharing travel or surf insights and tips ‘on demand’ with anybody who needs them, so feel free to reach out at any point. Though there are many good blogs that do exactly that and I recommend you have a read before you leave your job and flat behind, pack everything up and catch the first flight to wherever you choose as your first destination. You can easily find heaps of informative resources and inspiration on how to plan (or not plan), what to look for, what to look out for and, of course, how to score the best waves along the way.

But for me, the reason I am about to share this today is that I realized, after 225 days of freestyling life, that the most mesmerizing part about this glorious time has been the ability to always look away from everything and into the horizon; where the ocean meets the sky and earth’s energy dissolves into light.

Yesterday I decided to look through the photos I have been favouriting over time, as a means of reflection and appreciation, and found the one featured above. It was taken on a surfless week-long break with a special friend in Tulum, Mexico (east coast). And there were many (many!) more images sharing the same theme, that clear breakpoint, surfless or surfful. See our Instagram for more.

And that’s where it all clicked like two lego pieces. 

Urban centres and city life have their merits, no doubt. But when you look up and as far you can and you cannot see it end, then that is the wrong kind of jungle. This lack of a boundary is what one is bound by in an urban environment. I decided recently - after staring at the sun sink in the same corner of the Pacific ocean in Mexico for the 15th day in a row, and many spectacular purple fuchsia sunsets before that further up the coast in Mexico, in Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Sri Lanka - that my year-long surftrip is in fact an intuitive pursuit of the horizon, that break between the Up and the Down; not just the best breaks slightly closer to shore.

One of the surfboard sock styles we play with at the kauskaki studio, is made of three pieces: one from the nose till the middle, one at the tail up to the middle and where these two meet we typically have a more elaborate pattern, we have selected carefully after lots of fabric scouting and research. This Horizon element is more that just a stripe. We should honour it. As we speak (more like as you read this), we are pretty amped designing our own illustrations for fabric prints. The studio floor is hidden under pattern design printouts, fabric samples, surftrip memorabilia and probably a bit too much dust. Oh well. One thing is for sure, kauskaki sisters’ new AW17 collection will be one hell of a ride.

Wet hugs,


aka kauskaki’s one half

PS. If I return to live in a city after this multidimensional exploration, I hereby promise to choose wisely based on earthly outlines as well as carving potential.