A kauskaki minion is a surfboard-shaped case or pouch. In fact these ones are some of the cutest little things out there and they are our zero-waste heroes. They are made out of their bigger brothers' fabric offcuts so nothing goes to the bin after a kauskaki surfboard sock is born.

Because they are so amazing, they have multiple uses and they proudly house our surfsock gift cards.

Here is a handy list of Frequently Asked Questions you can demystify all about the minions. 

You know we always love to hear from you, so if you still have any questions get in touch HERE


What are the differences between the three minion shop listings?

  1. A standalone sunglasses case, pouch or wallet for all your small beach and urban possessions <see product>
  2. A standard minion gift card comes inside a minion pouch and can be redeemed for any design in our existing collection. Our surfboard bags are always hand-made to measure. <see product>
  3. A personalized minion gift card is all of the above plus the extra gift of a fully personalized design. Adding personalization is optional but highly recommended for an even more special gift and even happier friend. <see product>

How do the gift cards work?

// You Order //

You order and prepay the gift card for a special someone on a special occasion.

  • Select the board length from the drop-down for specific pricing. Please note that you will need to know the max length of the board size to get the right price. If you don't, please get in touch and we can advise what's best. For example, you can pre-purchase a voucher code for your friend to redeem when ordering from our website
  • Select desired accessories from the add-ons drop-down and add to cart.
  • If you are in a hurry, you can upgrade to speedy courier upon checkout (FEDEX). This applies to the gift card and not the actual surfboard sock.
  • Each minion is a pretty unique combination of colours & fabrics. Send us a message stating your preference from the minions shown on the listing photos. You can also let us choose a random one for you. 
  • Optional service - this one is on the house: Send us a message alongside your order to tell us if you want anything special printed on the surfboard shaped gift card note (name, occasion, specific note or wish, anything goes really).

// We Deliver. Twice. //

We deliver the gift card inside the kauskaki minion to your designated address.

  • Anytime within 30 days from your order, the recipient of your present can follow the instructions on the giftcard to order the kauskaki design of their choice for their lucky surfboard and whilst they wait for it to be tailormade and shipped, they can enjoy their kauskaki minion.
  • For a personalized gift card, when the gift recipient gets in touch, we will work together to design their surfsock. They will be fully immersed into the creative process, as well as modify any of our collection designs. If they fancy, they'll get to send us a brief, we design three to six proposals and after a couple of rounds of tweaks and finetuning we land on the final unique design. We make and ship the surfsock and we all live happily ever after.

Can I send the minion gift card to a different address than the real-size surfsock?

Yes. If you would like us to use a different address for the gift card minion and the actual real-size surfsock please give us both addresses in the notes accompanying your order. Alternatively, the gift recipient can let us know their preferred address for the surfsock delivery when they get in touch to redeem their gift card. We ship worldwide for free, so even if the two addresses are in a different country, we will simply make it happen. We all love to move around, don't we?

What if I or the gift recipient decide later on that we want a personalized design? 

No problem. You can still purchase it as an Add-on HERE. Please check with us beforehand quoting your original order number to ensure we have not packed and shipped the minion gift card or the surfsock already. That would be weird.

How can I secure that the standard or personalized minion recipient will be able to order a particular design from the current collection or variation?

Given the processing and delivery lead times plus the 30-day redemption period, it is likely that the design or fabric you may have spotted at the point of ordering the minion may no longer be available. We always try to refresh our best seller designs so your friend will be spoiled for choice when browsing through our collection for inspiration. If however you want something specific you saw, we recommend you order that particular design instead of the minion gift card or in addition to a standalone minion pouch. Alternatively, you can tell your friend to get in touch with us as soon as possible to confirm the design of their choice, though we can not guarantee it will not have been ordered. For personalized designs, we often scout for new fabrics, so chances are the most demanding ones among you will be pleased. It's one of the things we are pretty proud of.

What if the gift recipient contacts kauskaki more than 30 days after the order was placed? 

Now, that's a tricky one and has never happened so far. If you know early on that this might be the case due to exceptional circumstances, please do let us know as soon as you can so we can work something out. We do our best to ensure such delay does not happen for no reason. Within the first week after the order is placed, we will kindly nudge you and the gift recipient if you have shared their contact details with us. We will also be in touch after the minion has been delivered to remind you of the need to confirm the design with us. If we do not hear back after a couple of attempts, we will send a final email or message before the 30 days expire to inform you that the gift card is expiring. In the unlikely event that we still not hear from you, we will close the order and will be unable to offer a refund.