Back in 2014, kauskaki co-founder, Maribel (me), visits El Paredón, a small village on the Pacific coast of Guatemala in the hope of some good uncrowded warm water surf. In a conversation with locals and other travellers I heard about La Choza Chula who were making and selling bracelets to support their education project with the local community. During a sweaty stroll around the tiny village in search of some local munch in-between surf sessions, I came across the small colourful building where they were based. Sadly I did not get to meet the guys back then, but always felt like we would cross paths again.

Well, years later, through a lucky coincidence in social media I reconnected with the team at La Choza Chula and really wanted more people to know about the great work they do over there. It was encouraging to see that since 2014 they have expanded their project scope and made a clear impact in the community. They have also introduced some pretty awesome products, made locally, to support their work. Interestingly, they also make surf socks! Meant to be.

So this summer, whilst kauskaki sisters are taking a little break, our online shop is featuring La Choza Chula's handcrafted surfboard bags. All proceeds go directly to LCC. We will also shout out across all our social media so the friends of kauskaki get to know about this social enterprise that makes a difference in a very remote surf town.

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading my mumbo jumbo and go check out their ethically-made surfsocks HERE. In fact, get inspired and get one! You'll be helping the community benefit from tourism through sustainable education, enterprise and environmental projects. 

Read more about them HERE, and go tell your friends.

Wet hugs x