Hello you, wherever you are and whatever you are looking at, when you lower the screen you are reading this on.

This is kauskaki's inaugural blog post. Hell yeah.

And it's being composed in a rather fortunate setting: sat in a hammock, in a small cafe located just between the town of General Luna and Cloud 9 - a rather gnarly surfspot that has not yet been enjoyed - on the east coast of the island of Siargao, in the Philippines. 

The wind is messing about lately, hence the dry setting. 

We - aka the kauskaki sisters - recently spent a few weeks in Bali, shared some waves, a number of nasi gorengs, swapped surfsocks but never toothbrushes. And then we had to part ways again, one heading back to Athens, Greece and the other one continuing the quest for good waves and vibes in the Philippines. A cloudy day in Cloud 9 listening to the Beatles inspired this design in our surfsock collection.

We thought it'd be a good time to share with y'all some of the features published so far for our microbrand, kauskaki, that survives the distance (we are talking thouuuuusands of kilometers) and ever-increasing time difference to create lovely handmade surfsocks for you, our special friends.

Shame you may not be able to read and understand all the Greek, hope the photos will reward your precious clicks!

So here it goes; for the record. Click for more.

Wet hugs ✖️

PS. we may suck at blogging, as in we don't consider ourselves as natural born bloggers but will give it a shot anyhow. So help us connect with you in any way you'd like to connect with us. Let us know what you'd like to read about.