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A selection of our favourite past creations posing briefly before they are sent away to their new homes. Bespoke sock designs, previous collection styles and a bunch of unpublished ideas to get your inspiration juices flowing! For more you can visit our social media pages. Alternatively, simply get in touch and we can get artsy (yikes) together #whygonaked #thatperfecthugfeeling

#kauskakigoesmexico this lucky pair got to spend time together along Mexico's coast where waves are as friendly as the people and as tasty as the fish tacos, pozole and tamale

Made in Athens. Aired on our studio rooftop. This is a bespoke surfboard sock made exclusively for our co-founder, half of kauskaki sisters. Featuring waffly burgundy, candy pink and 70s black and white pattern.

Matching creations referred to as 'Sushi Maki Combo' in the kauskaki studio. Surfsock & Minion pouch personalized gift order headed to Spain. Featuring our signature waffle fabric, seamless velcro pocket and nose padding. Matching perfectly with our Donkey See, Donkey Do playsuit.

Say whaaa? 31 Beach Street limited edition beachwear relaunch 2017. The only summer outfit you need. Guaranteed.

Family time overlooking the ocean. Medewi > Bali > Indonesia. When kauskaki sisters find themselves in the same place, they do cherish every single moment.

Wow, Bow & Arrow all cuddly with our inflatable crocodile and ready to go. #feedyourcrocodile, our random hashtag that was born that day.

Early days...Two of the original prototypes made for very close surf mates of ours to test on their surf missions. Eternally grateful for their feedback and the waves we shared.

Gift from awesome mum to one lucky daughter in England.

Yeti Goes to the Beach v1. The original. One of the very early prototypes that got to travel the most alongside kauskaki sister and co-founder Maribel. Here posing proudly in Cape Town, South Africa.

And land-locked in kauskaki HQ's roof terrace in London.

Chilli Chile. Taking in the sun in London, by the canal and sending us some dry hugs.

It's a Boy! It's a Girl. The one and only. Thanks to this one now we know of Tinnum, a weird-shaped island off the coast of Germany and Denmark.

Battle Ready. One of the early ones. It lived in Italy and travelled around with its kitesurfing family. This kauskaki has gone missing! We were informed it was stolen in Africa. We are sure it fought a good battle.

Battle Ready snoozing before being shipped off.

Maori Duo, one of our best-sellers has just sold out. Sad and stoked to see it go! You may spot it in the SW of England, France, the Netherlands or Maryland, US.

Maori Duo and Damien, our first team rider.

Maori Duo snoozing before being shipped off.

Steal A Flower. A classic design we tweaked a number of times through our collections. This one features pistachio green waffly fabric and its new landlocked home is in Germany but we heard it will soon travel to Donostia for a special occasion.

Another version of Steal A Flower, with a twist as requested by a lucky minion winner at the Flow Fest Athens.

Exotic Chess Board. Folded and ready to be packed up. What a fabric that was. Feeling nostalgic, you can tell.

You may find this custom surfsock in Tel Aviv. If you do, say Hi from the kauskaki sisters. It was a present. The minion came first. You know, for the wait.

Triazine Trickster likes to trick you. One lives in the UK and another one in the outskirts of Portland, Oregon.

This is #yokimate. Our custom pilates/yoga mat bag launching soon. Stay tuned.

Lydie's personalized birthday present order was no ordinary occasion at the kauskaki cozy studio. The brief was simple, yet as vague as it gets: something inspired from figure skating outfits. With something purple. We were told we nailed it!

Christmas pop-up bazaar with our dear friends from buoy in Athens and two special items: custom design for Lydie and Grass is Greener. Check out buoy's tower ponchos here:

This is #yokimate. The prototype. Our custom yoga mat bag made as a special order for our favorite pilates and pole dancing instructor who can bend and twist and stretch in ways we never will. Launching soon. Stay tuned.

100% Personalized surfsock for a Marianna's 30th from a couple of her awesome girlfriends. Lives near its birthplace, in Athens, Greece and still hangs out with its twin.

100% Personalized surfsock for a Marisa's 30th from a couple of her awesome girlfriends. Lives near its birthplace, in Athens, Greece and still hangs out with its twin.

Pohon Palem. It means palm tree in Bahasa Indonesia. This one made its way to the Basque country as a special gift.

It's all in the details...Custom pocket design and print on yellow fabric for a personalised surfsock gift from him to her.

100% Personalized design found its home in Dublin. Nope not the cold place in Ireland. But all the way to California, USA.

LSD Palm Tree. A killer colour & comfort combo. Gets you from wet to pret in no time. The only summer dress you need.

Donkey See. Donkey Do. The ultimate jumpsuit from our 31BeachStreet beachwear collection that flew off the shelves. More coming soon.

JERONEMO Greenish. The one and only. Currently in Italy.

Velcro pocket comes handy in oh so many ways during our surf adventures. Hint: Flip flop inside.

This 100% personalized surfsock was inspired by a lovely flower shop's aesthetic. Resides in Hawaii.

Triazine Trickster and Joy Fantastic hanging out before they are shipped off to the UK for the Bristol Surf Film Festival Sep 2016.

Joy Fantastic. Chilling somewhere in the North of Siargao, Philippines

Sisteraction. kauskaki co-founders' current weapons of choice exhibited in the Bristol Surf Film Festival Sep 2016.

Believe it or not but two of these surfsocks are 3+ years old. Just washed and proudly showcased at the Bristol Surf Film Festival 2016.

Custom order sent off to Aussie beauty @365daysofwandering and has been wandering around with her and her longboard ever since

Our studio is too short for this longboard surfsock. Hopefully its new home in Massachusetts has high ceilings

So long Joy Fantastic. Last piece of this beloved fabric shipped to NYC to meet a lucky longboard and a lady slider that can't wait to hang five

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