About - kauskaki


A little more about us

We are two sisters. 
We make surf accessories in our cozy studio in Athens, Greece.
We are mostly known for our après-surf playsuits and on-demand surfboard socks*.
And we are incredibly happy you have joined our ride.

kauskaki started when one of us, Maribel, got a new board and the other, Savina, a new sewing machine courtesy of Santa. The idea modestly developed into an on-the-side 'microbrand' project that kept us connected in many ways, even though we are constantly miles apart.


kauskaki is so pretty that it can make you new friends before or after your surf session. Sometimes will even win you a wet hug. Every kauskaki is a unique piece of art. We make everything by hand, to order and to measure, so it takes a bit longer than grabbing a surfboard sock off the shelf. But to compensate for the wait, shipping is on the house. Wherever you are.

But kauskaki is way more than just a pretty face. We aim to improve and reinvent everything we offer - products and customer experience - with every single product, stitch and surf session. And we try to surf lots together and smile lots more along the way.

Everything we do at kauskaki, since we first started over 7 years ago, we stick to our promise of thoughtfully designing and making beautiful, functional and durable products that offer light protection to your precious possessions, and ours. And we do all this responsibly and leaving the smallest footprint possible, because we simply hate waste and love the ocean, the communities and environment surrounding it.

We tailor our surfboard socks to fit your special board perfectly (we call it the 'perfect hug feeling') using only the necessary amount of fabric. But we use stretch fabric, so they typically fit your new or old board pretty well, unless they vary a lot in dimensions. If you are interested in our surfboard sock Immortality Promise, read our warranty policy and join the discussion in our SURF SWAPSIES facebook group to explore more options regarding recycling, retailoring or exchanging your sock. We truly want to make product that outlives your surfboard lifetime, and lasts as long as your passion for riding waves. And then escorts your kids to their surf missions too!

We go scouting for fabrics pretty often, and only buy a small quantity, so we have a good variety of carefully selected colours and patterns. From our library of fabrics, we uniquely combine some for each kauskaki design. Every year, for our special Oh, Collection we work tirelessly on our very own patterned prints taking inspiration from our shared surftrip memories. Go on and read more on that on our blog and listing descriptions.

Whilst you are on there...Some curious lovely people found out about kauskaki and got us featured here and there. Check out our 1st ever blog post for more https://kauskaki.gr/post/123028729761/my-oh-my-shotgun-for-the-1st-blog-post. Read more about our journey so far, from the original idea to our grandest project to date, that is no other than our inaugural Oh Collection --> https://kauskaki.gr/post/234036230990/kauskaki-sisters-our-journey-so-far
Wet hugs,
- maribel & savina x

*PS. Surfboards are closer to home and our heart but we accept custom orders for any other board type that needs a hug including longboards, SUP, kitesurf, snowboards etc. People refer to our core product as surf sock, board sock, boardsock, board cover, surfboard sock cover (yep, both!), surfboard stretch cover, surfboard light protective bag, surfboard day bag, surfboard sleeve (heard that from our Aussie friends)...just to name a few. No matter how you call it, you know why you need it.

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